Private Boat & Oar Storage

Private Boat & Oar Storage

CUBC does allow members to store privately owned boats and oars, however members must apply and be approved by the committee before storing their boat and/or oars within the shed. Members interested in applying must read through the clubs Private Boat and Oar Storage Policy carefully before submitting their application.

Application for Private Boat and Oar Storage can be downloaded below.

Our Policy

The following conditions must be accepted by the boat owner prior to submission of the application: 

  1. The committee has delegated responsibility for allocation of rack space to the Club Captain and Club House Co-ordinator.

  2. The Club Captain and Club-House Co-ordinator will make decisions consistent with the values and objectives of the club when allocating rack space.

  3. Any boat stored in the Curtin University Boat Club without formal permission can be removed at the Captain’s and Club-House Co-ordinator discretion.

  4. Only fully financial members can apply for rack space. Where two or more people own a boat, all members must be fully financial.

  5. Rowers who make an application to store a private boat or oars are not assured storage.

  6. Separate applications must be submitted for each boat to be considered for storage. Each application will be assessed separately.

  7. Any private scull stored at the club must be fully insured prior to storing.

  8. The club is not responsible for any damage sustained to the boat or oars during storage.

  9. After a period of 3 years with no communication or contact in relation to a stored boat or oar the Curtin University Boat Club may sell/dispose of the boat. Every effort will be made to contact the individual owner of the boat beforehand.

  10. Application forms must be submitted on an annual basis by 31st of March

The Curtin University Private Boat and Oar Storage Policy was endorsed by the CUBC Committee on the 30th of November 2015.

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