Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a student at Curtin University, can I still row at the club?

Yes, you can! CUBC welcomes everyone into our rowing family regardless of age, rowing ability and fitness level. To find out more about the club feel free to contact us via email.


I used to row back in high school, however its been a while, so I'm not sure what squad to join?

Not a problem! Feel free to contact us via email or pop down to the shed and from there we will work with you to determine what you would like to achieve at CUBC (whether rowing competitively or socially) and what rowing experience you have.


What is the difference between sweep rowing and sculling?

Sweep rowing is when you row in a crew boat and each member of the crew has one oar. The sweep boats used at CUBC are pairs, fours and eights.

Sculling is when each member of the crew has two oars. Sculling can be undertaken as an individual and this happens in a single scull.   The sculling boats used at CUBC are single sculls, double sculls and quadruple sculls. At CUBC, novices tend to learn the basics of rowing in sculling boats before progressing onto sweep rowing.


I'm interested in rowing for both the Open Squad and the Masters, can I do this?

Yes you can. In fact, a few of our masters rowers already do this! It enables you to row at both the Pennant Regattas and Masters Regattas and train with both squads. If you want more information send us an email.


I work full time so need to be off the water promptly, what time do morning sessions finish?

Quite a few of our members work full time or have family commitments meaning they have to be off the water promptly. Therefore the club understands that you want to make the most of the time you have available to train. Training usually runs from 5:15am to 7:00am weekdays however many members are off the water at 6:45am in order to get to work and family. CUBC will work with you to make the most of your training sessions.


I can’t make all the training sessions during the week, can I still row competitively with Curtin?

Yes, you can! At CUBC we understand that everyone has work, family and study commitments so, therefore, can’t make all training sessions. What makes our club unique is that we will work with you to set a plan that works for you and your crewmates to make the most of the time you have available. 


I enjoy rowing, but don't want to race competitively, do you have a noncompetitive membership?

Yes we do! We offer a recreational rowing membership to enable rowers to access the shed and boats to train both on and off the water. Although during training times, please note that equipment will be prioritised to support squad training. At CUBC we are happy to work with you to support your endeavours so please feel free to email the club for more information.


It's my first year, are there any rules about racing I should know?

There certainly is! Find below a copy of Rowing Australia's Rules to Racing.



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