CUBC 100 Club

What is the 100 Club?

The CUBC 100 Club is an exclusive fundraising group united by a common passion for developing the future of CUBC. The group is formed around the philosophy of 100 members, each donating $100 every year, for 10 years. The ultimate goal of the 1st 100 Club is to raise $100,000 for CUBCs next fleet of racing boats.


Who can join?

Any member or alumni of CUBC, both past and present. The most important thing to note is the 100 Club is capped at 100 members, if you miss out, you'll be placed on a wait list in the event someone leaves.


What is the time frame?

Once the 100 Club has 100 members, over the next 10 years donations will be made annually. 

When the project has sufficient funds, CUBC will work to use them on our agreed goal, a boat for the new racing fleet. This will occur each time the project has enough funds for the next boat, over the 10 years.

At the end of the 10 years, the current 100 Club will be disbanded and a new 100 Club will be relaunched.


Why commit to the CUBC 100 Club?

The 100 Club is a great cause, helping to build the future of the club over a long timeframe. CUBC has been established for over 50 years, the 100 Club aims to make CUBC stick around for another 100 years.

You'll be part of history: The 100 Club is an exclusive group of donors, only changing every 10 years. 

Your donation will be noticed and recognised: The new boats will honour members of the 100 Club with specific boat names and detailing. (imagine the 100 Club 8 with all the names of the donors on it!) Every year CUBC will host an event for the donors of the 100 Club to celebrate and share updates.


How do I join?

The CUBC 100 Club has an application process, forms are submitted to the committee for approval. If you are interested in joining we invite you to read the documentation below. If you would like to proceed with your application you can download a physical application and submit to a committee member, or you can complete our online application form .

As CUBC has partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation for this project, every yearly donation can be tax deductible, if you choose to donate via ASF upon joining. 

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